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Always learning, always dreaming, I enjoy working within my mix of creative, technical, musical, and communication skills. Here you’ll see some key businesses, projects, and causes I’ve launched and support. If you’re inspired or interested, I welcome you to collaborate with me, or to contribute in whatever way you like. I’m being right here, right now, doing what I can. Join me in making life better for others while we’re here together.


Audio Engineering Co • This website was born from my passion for audio engineering, playing music, recording, and mixing. I’m part of a small group of musicians and audio engineers who also operate home-based recording studios. We play on each others’ songs and projects and test the latest plugins and gear.

Music Indeed, Inc. • Music Indeed’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children worldwide by providing access to musical instruments, lessons, and school supplies. We sponsor public concerts performed by the music students of each school. We’re currently working with the Bryant School System in Liberia, Africa to equip the music classrooms in their 6 schools, with 600+ enrolled students. In partnership with Music Indeed, the children of the Bryant School System performed the first children’s public gospel choir concert in the history of the country of Liberia in February of 2017. Music Indeed, Inc. is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Core Zero Creative, Inc. • My life-long artsy-techy self-expression since 1993. In the late 80’s I was obsessed with computer graphic design, and come the early 90’s, with the birth of the “InterWebs”, I’d launched my first couple of commercial websites and was taking “e-commerce” product orders via email. I got good at SEO and search engine marketing when search engines came onto the scene, and followed suit when social media marketing hit the scene, providing design, graphics, and business marketing training.

Core Zero Creative, Inc. • This is the Architectural Division of Core Zero, providing award winning architectural renderings for the past 20+ years. The renderings are used for marketing and advertising purposes, as well as for zoning and planning. Tina Stiles-Bryant, Creative Director, also produces the renderings for the Parade of Homes in Utah, the largest annual home show in the United States. See the 2019 homes here: Parade of Homes Utah

EB Micro offers dependable, affordable Maine Business Computer System Service and Support. With over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, Security, and Business Operations, we can fix what’s broken today and help you plan for tomorrow. Call 207-212-5100 for a Free 1 Hour Consultation.

The Validation Experiment • You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take 15 minutes and watch the inspiring video that started it all. Inspired by this video, I created The Validation Experiment and the 30 Day Challenge. In addition to the website and an in-depth auto-responder series regarding the topic of validation, I created a slide deck based on the scientific method, and spoke to many local groups as a motivational, inspirational speaker, challenging them to brighten the world around them by validating others. So dim the lights, click play, and consider taking on the 30 Day Challenge yourself to find out the positive impact you can have on the world around you.

The Bryant School System • The Bryant School System was founded by G. Edwin Bryant, Sr. in 2002, in response to the great need for quality education for the children of Liberia. Some 16 years later there are 7 schools dedicated to serving more than 600 children, enriching their lives through the educational curriculum of science, mathematics, literature, music, cosmetology, home economics, and more. In 2016 the school system began offering keyboard and voice lessons, and announced that there would be semi-annual public children’s gospel choir concerts. The first live concert happened in February of 2017. A Children’s Village boarding school is planned for 2020. Contact me to get involved.

Bryant Agriculture • In response to the Ebola Crisis, G. Edwin Bryant, Sr. started a community farm on 14 acres. I’m still moved seeing the photos of the first crop going to market in burlap bags tied to the roof of a Toyota Corolla (translation: no pickup truck!) He is now entrusted to manage 1,000’s of hectares and over 1,000 cocoa farmers. “We are one of Liberia’s largest privately-owned, vegetable and food crop farmer’s co-op, with a small but growing food processing operation. Our strong emphasis on food safety means that we can provide consumers with quality products they can afford and enjoy, day after day. Bryant is currently seeking investors for this project.

Core Zero Studio & Core Zero Music • My professionally “tuned” single room home recording studio equipped with some fundamental gear and more plugins than I deserve thanks to Audio Engineering Co! Here I work on various music projects with like-minded local musicians within a small studio network having similar capabilities. Core Zero Music is the publishing arm of Core Zero Studio, and both entities are affiliated with First Fruit Music.

Recording Studio Racks • This is a start-up providing high-end, high-quality cherry, ash, oak, and mahogany 19″ recording studio gear racks, with custom laser engraving and inlay upon request. Although I plan to outfit an updated woodworking shop in 2018, I’m interested in partnering with a local high-end cabinet maker to build, fit, and finish components. I’m open to inquires regarding moving this project forward.

Site Name Pro • Site Name Pro is some web real estate where I list web real estate for sale. The game here is speculation. Can you predict which domain names might sell for a decent if not hefty profit sometime in the future? The ideal thing to have done would have been buying something like 30 years ago, and hold it until it sold as it recently did for a cool $5.1 million. If you’re interested in the world of Domaining hit me up and I’ll point you to some resources.